Group Rides

This page is a list of current weekly "open" group rides in Cairo. The list is a workTel in process and will be edited Periodically. Please email us or post a comment with any amendments you would like to see made ​​to a ride or if you wish to add a ride not yet listed on this page.
The goal is to have every "open" group ride listed here, this will be a great asset to local Cyclists looking for a group ride to join.
Cairo Cyclist Club
"Organized Road rides occur every Friday morning at 7:00 AM leaving from the front gate of CAC. A typical road ride will consist of 5 to 15 riders and cover distances of 40 to 100 km. Skill level is divided to three groups."

Cycle Egypt /  Egypt Cycle
bike rides Usually on Friday. Events are posted on their Facebook page:

Bescletta /  Bescletta 
bike rides are on Friday

Cairo Cycler's Club

Help to Promote Awareness bicycle - Because we love our city!